You and Me in the Boundless Universe

If there’s one world exist in a grain of sand, then how many grains of sand in the ganges river? If a boundless universe has so many small worlds, then how many bundless universe exist in the unimaginative space? Anyway, I’m fortunately with you in a same small world. We had acquainted, loved and hated each other before, and then we forgot each other in the painful samsara.

I don’t know where you were come from and where you will go, even I’m not sure what will happen between you and me. You may rely on my loving care sometimes, hate my existence when you will anxious for your own independence, and pity for my susceptibilities when I will old. But eventually we are the consciousness exist independently and we will certainly forget each other in the next life. So I appreciate every seconds with you, live in the moment, from met to forget. What had happened just like a flash of lightening, how naturally existence! So valuable.

The happiness and pain are always happened everyday, but everythings belongs to you and me, in this boundless universe.

Picture is taken by Nicki Varkevisser

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