Auntie Vira’s Lip Crack

Love Butters“Lip Crack” … (Contains no “crack!”)Healing and anti-viral all natural lip balms. Helps prevent and cure chapped lips, and cold sores caused by the Herpes virus!

Contains Bee Propolis at 0.10%, (0.7% more then the leading coldsore product containing Propolis, clinically proven to prevent and heal the herpes virus), and our Cylver (Cymatic Colloidal Silver).

Other ingredients:  C60 oil (Carbon buckyballs), organic unrefined cocoa butter, organic unrefined coconut oil, natural beeswax, vitamin E, raw organic unrefined hempseed oil, raw organic aloe vera gel, tincture of coca mate.

The current flavours available are a citrusy Vanilla and Black Cherry, very subtle flavours for the tinted, and a mild minty vanilla and a subtle tea tree smell for the non-tinted (Uncle Hemps).  Tint is a natural Carmine with Coffee Aunti Viras Tinted Lip Crack(yes real organic fair trade brewed coffee!), which makes it more of a rich natural lip colour that is less pink. The Propolis itself is a dark brown amber colour which also lends it’s tint. Carmine tint alone is a light pink, with the coffee it’s more of a natural lip colour and doesn’t look like a yucky lipstick, just very natural looking. Men can use it without fear of coloured lips!
Natural Carmine Tinted
Available in standard lip chap sized tubes. The price is such due to the expensive ingredients such as Propolis and C60 as well as the organic unrefined butters and oils.  This is a lip stick alternative, healing lip balm and preventative lip balm all in one! Similar anti-viral products (really there is no similar product to this!) range in price from 15-35.00 or more per unit.
As usual, all of our products are “cymatized” using 528hz, either through infusing with a speaker playing the studio recorded frequency into the fluids or with the acutal tuning fork.LoveButterLipCrack

26 seconds to absorb into skin!